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Volume 41, Issue 3, September 2017

ISSN: 0165-005X (Print) 1573-076X (Online)

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Original Papers


Shame, Blame, and Status Incongruity: Health and Stigma in Rural Brazil and the Urban United Arab Emirates

Lesley Jo Weaver, Sarah Trainer

Pages 319-340


Don’t Give Up! A Cyber-ethnography and Discourse Analysis of an Online Infertility Patient Forum

Mihan Lee

Pages 341-367


Actively Negotiating the Mind-Body Divide: How Clozapine-Treated Schizophrenia Patients Make Health for Themselves

Julia E. H. Brown, Simone Dennis

Pages 368-381


Expert Knowledge Influences Decision-Making for Couples Receiving Positive Prenatal Chromosomal Microarray Testing Results

M.A. Rubel, A. Werner-Lin, F. K. Barg, B. A. Bernhardt

Pages 382-406


Mental Ill Health, Recovery and the Family Assemblage

Rhys Price-Robertson, Lenore Manderson, Cameron Duff

Pages 407-430


Mental Health Outcomes of Psychosocial Intervention Among Traditional Health Practitioner Depressed Patients in Kenya

Christine W. Musyimi, Victoria Mutiso, David M. Ndetei, David C. Henderson, Joske Bunders

Pages 453-465


Cultural Case Study


Intersecting Cultures in Deaf Mental Health: An Ethnographic Study of NHS Professionals Diagnosing Autism in D/deaf Children

Natassia F. Brenman, Anja Hiddinga, Barry Wright

Pages 431-452


Books Received


Page 466

Link to Books Received

End Matters


Page 467-469

Link to End Matters


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