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Volume 41, Issue 2, June 2017

ISSN: 0165-005X (Print) 1573-076X (Online)

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Introduction to “Moral (and Other) Laboratories” 

Teresa Kuan and Lone Grøn

Pages 185-201


Original Papers

“Humanity at the Edge: The Moral Laboratory of Feeding Precarious Lives”

Mette N. Svendsen, Iben M. Gjødsbøl, Mie S. Dam, and Laura E. Navne

Pages 202-223


“The Moral Lives of Laboratory Monkeys: Television and the Ethics of Care”

Lesley A. Sharp

Pages 224-244


“At the Edge of Safety: Moral Experimentation in the Case of Family Therapy”

Teresa Kuan

Pages 245-266


“The Tipping of the Big Stone – And Life itself. Obesity, Moral Work and Responsive Selves Over Time”

Lone Grøn

Pages 267-283


“Engaging with Dementia: Moral Experiments in Art and Friendship”

Janelle S. Taylor

Pages 284-303



“Comments on Moral (and Other) Laboratories

Michael Lambek

Pages 304-308


“Moral (and Other) Laboratories and the Semantic Impertinence of Metaphor: An Afterward”

Cheryl Mattingly

Pages 309-316

Books Received

Page 317

Link to Books Received

End Matters

Page 318

Link to End Matters

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