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Volume 41, Issue 3, September 2017

ISSN: 0165-005X (Print) 1573-076X (Online)

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2017 CMP Honoree: Professor Shirley Lindenbaum

Atwood D. Gaines

Pages 471-472




Sorcery and Science: Honoring the Work of Shirley Lindenbaum

Atwood D. Gaines

Pages 473-479


Original Papers


Medical Disease or Moral Defect? Stigma Attribution and Cultural Models of Addiction Causality in a University Population

Nichole L. Henderson, William W. Dressler

Pages 480-498


Family Life and Social Medicine: Discourses and Discontents Surrounding Puebla’s Psychiatric Care

Kathryn Law Hale

Pages 499-540


Seeing a Brain Through an Other: The Informant’s Share in the Diagnosis of Dementia

Laurence Anne Tessier

Pages 541-563


Class-Based Chronicities of Suffering and Seeking Help: Comparing Addiction Treatment Programs in Uganda

Julia Vorhölter

Pages 564-589


Insuring Care: Paperwork, Insurance Rules, and Clinical Labor at a U.S. Transgender Clinic

Marieke van Eijk

Pages 590-608


Global Mental Health and Adolescent Anxiety: Kin, Care and Struggle in New Mexico

Janis H. Jenkins, Annika Stone

Pages 609-629


Clinical Case Study


Cultural Sensitive Care Provision in a Public Child and Adolescent Mental Health Centre: A Case Study from the Toulouse University Hospital Intercultural Consultation

Gesine Sturm, Sylvie Bonnet, Yolaine Coussot, Katja Journot, Jean-Philippe Raynaud

Pages 630-655


Books Received


Pages 656-657

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End Matters


Page 658-659

Link to End Matters



Farewell Address: A Decade in Reflection

Pages 660-661

Link to Announcement 

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