Special Issues

Special Issue and Special Section Guidelines

Culture, Medicine, and Psychology publishes one special issue per volume year. A guest editor may submit a proposal for a special issue to the Managing Editor (Brandy Schillace) only after all the articles are complete. A special issue should contain 6-8 original research articles of suitable length, an introduction, and two commentaries and will always appear in the June issue. A special section may contain 3-4 articles and may be published in one of the remaining issues for the year. Please note: It takes a year to process special issues and, if there are special issues already in the queue, it may take two years before the issue appears.

Guidelines and Process:

  • For inclusion in June as a special issue, all items must be received by September of the previous year to allow for sufficient processing time.
  • All articles must be complete before the proposed special issue can be submitted
  • The guest editor is responsible for ensuring that authors submit their papers. The guest editor is also responsible for including a table of contents and a list of potential reviewers (though CMP reserves the right to choose different reviewers)
  • Each article will be reviewed separately. Being submitted to the special issue/section does not guarantee publication.
  • Individual authors will be notified of their status (accept, reject, revise and resubmit) and provided with rationale and reviews. The guest editor will be notified, but the reviews will not be provided.

We plan special issues a year or more in advance and competition for placement it high. Special issues (and special sections) should be highly polished prior to submission.




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