Publication Highlight: “Online First” Articles (Oct 2014), Part One

The following collection of articles are from our “Online First” file at our publisher’s website: The full text of these articles will be released in upcoming issues of Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry, but here we’d like to lend our readers a glimpse into the innovative research in medical anthropology and social medicine that the journal publishes.

Clicking the title of each paper will send you to the “Online First” page for each article, including a full list of authors and abstracts.


A Village Possessed by “Witches”: A Mixed-Methods Case–Control Study of Possession and Common Mental Disorders in Rural Nepal

Ram P. Sapkota, et al

Practicing and Resisting Constraint: Ethnography of “Counter Response” in American Adolescent Psychiatric Custody

Katherine Hejtmanek

The Invisibility of Informal Interpreting in Mental Health Care in South Africa: Notes Towards a Contextual Understanding

Leslie Swartz & Sanja Kilian

Learning Disabilities’ as a ‘Black Box’: On the Different Conceptions and Constructions of a Popular Clinical Entity in Israel

Ofer Katchergin

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