AAA 2014: Sessions on Biotechnology and Medical Practice

For our readers attending the American Anthropological Association annual meeting this year, we’ve put together a second selected list of sessions on anthropological approaches to biotechnology and forms of medical practice. The following selection of sessions was drawn from this year’s AAA online presentation schedule for the 2014 annual meeting, to be held this year in Washington, DC from December 3-7th (for more information, click here:

Wednesday, December 3rd

Reproductive Potentialities: Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the Imagination of Possible Futures


Thursday, December 4th

Techniques and Technologies of Global Health


What Constitutes Medical Knowledge?: Part 2 of a Discussion of Affliction by Veena Das


Saturday, December 6th

Producing Intercultural Discourse in the Clinical Encounter, Part 2


Revisiting Midwifery: New Approaches to an Old Profession


Ordering, Morality, and Triage: Producing Medical Anthropology Beyond the Suffering Subject – Part 1: Biomedical Interventions and Failings


Sunday, December 7th

Doctors: Influencing and Being Influenced by Their Work and Subject


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