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Dear readers,

Our holiday break will be coming to an end next week as we resume our weekly postings. As new Social Media Editor, I want to thank our readers and the Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry team for welcoming me to my new position. I’m looking forward to the new year and new highlights in the journal and blog!

Happy New Year

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Winter 2016 Blog Hiatus


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In light of the winter holidays, the blog will be taking a brief break from new updates. Posts will resume in January 2017, under the direction of the new Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry Social Media Editor, Sonya Petrakovitz. We welcome Sonya into her new position and look forward to seeing the features that she will debut on the blog in the coming months.

As another year draws to a close, we would like to thank all of you for your continued readership and engagement with the journal and our social media.

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The CMP Editorial Team

Book Release: Stevenson’s “Life Beside Itself: Imagining Care in the Canadian Arctic”

Cover of Stevenson's book. Rights credited to UC Press.

Cover of Stevenson’s book. Rights credited to UC Press.

This August 2014, Margaret Elizabeth Stevenson’s book on death, illness, and the understanding of life among the Inuit in the Canadian Arctic is set to be released by the University of California Press. The volume will explore two public health crises among the Inuit– a tuberculosis outbreak in the 1950s-60s as well as a suicide epidemic that began in the 1980s and extends into today. In these circumstances, Stevenson reports on how the Inuits cope with the death of their loved ones, realizing that what constitutes “life” is more than just the physical survival of the body.

To read the first chapter of the publication and find further details about Stevenson’s work, check out the page at the university press website here:

Welcome to the Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry Website

From all of us on the CMP Journal editorial board, we’d like to extend a few opening words as we launch our new homepage.

This website will feature important information about the article submission process to the journal, as well as detail the newest installments of the journal’s current issue. It will also feature updates on the latest publications in the field of medical anthropology and allied work in the medical humanities, as well as current events that impact our understanding of human health and illness experience throughout the world today. More extensive blog posts exploring the cultural dimensions of medicine and health will be posted to this site as well, composed both by our blog administrator as well as guest writers.

It is our hope that the website will provide an active hub for scholarly work and contemporary trends in medical anthropology and the cultural study of medicine. We thank you for visiting our site and invite you to return for continued updates!

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